midnight oil

Midnight Oil Memories

Midnight Oil burst onto the music scene at a time when the music industry had become entirely over saturated by music which was no longer a sound of expression which allowed people to feel patriotic and express themselves to other cultures. People used to take great pride in their music tastes being entirely unique to many other people however when midnight oil came onto the scene this was round about the time that this significant change in consumer tastes began to occur.

midnight oil

Manufactured Music

Music fans began to gravitate towards manufactured and unnatural music. This style of music was no longer regarded as unique nor was it a sign of talented musicians. It was a terribly sad day for the music industry when this style of music began to take prominence in the charts, it spelled the end for music as we know it. However, with this catastrophic tidal wave beginning to hit the music scene it spelled the perfect opportunity for a band who were not manufactured and were completely unique to enter the music scene and give Australians something to shout about and be proud about regarding their music scene once again.

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Alternative View

Midnight Oil offered an alternative view to some of the music which was in the music industry at that time, which was a welcome change for so many people in the country at the time. It provided a huge change to people from their previous encounters with the music industry where the music industry had become overrun with music which was no longer representative of the people and was all now regarding musicians making as much money as they possibly could rather than being the vehicles of expression they once were.

midnight oil

Audrey Baxter

We spoke to Audrey Baxter, a huge midnight oil fan during their heyday who has since become a music historian. Audrey said “There can be no question that Midnight Oil provided a much-needed jolt to the Australian music scene. There were huge amounts of people that no longer had faith in the music scene who swiftly came flocking back when they heard the rebellious nature of Midnight Oil’s music. It completely rejuvenated a market which had essentially died in the eyes of the Australian people. Nobody cared about music anymore, but Midnight Oil came along and changed everything again”.

midnight oil

Huge Part Of Identities

Audrey continued by speaking about the amount of pleasure she received after hearing that the band were to have a film made about them in their honour. Audrey said “I was delighted when I heard the band were getting their own movie. It’s exactly what they deserve. Words can’t do justice to describe the impact that band had on its people. It was a huge part of not just my identity, but millions of Australians. They deserve all the accolades they get, a truly exceptional band who had a truly unbelievable role in my early adulthood.