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Midnight Oil’s Influence On A Generation

There has never been a band which has had such a profound influence on a generation of Australians quite like Midnight Oil did. Everything about the band helped shape the identity of millions of Australians. Midnight Oil were a band which shot to prominence in the late seventies and early eighties, with their eccentric personalities and unique style of music they captured the imagination of millions of Australians who were filled with pride to see an Australian band getting recognition on a global scale.

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Midnight Oil’s disregard for authority helped empower millions of Australians to feel more independent and secure in themselves and feel like they had more of a voice than they perhaps did before. Midnight Oil’s music continued to be banned on mainstream radio due to their provocative music and unwarranted fears from government officials that they could incite violence. One huge aspect of Midnight Oil’s differentiation from other bands out there was that their dress sense was truly spectacular. Midnight Oil dressed in an entirely unique manner in comparison to that of their rival bands. With their trench coats combined with dungarees their unique style helped millions of Australians feel more comfortable expressing themselves through their clothing.

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Nothing demonstrated this more than when Midnight Oil were asked to feature on the cover of Yuthren a hugely popular fashion magazine in the country. The already growing popularity of the band then went through the roof at this point as people who had yet to be exposed to the band were made aware of their unique mannerisms, style and music. It is important to remember that this is long before the invention of the internet, so the impact which appearing on this magazine had on the band was monumental at the time. This played a huge role in the band having such a profound impact on the dress sense of so many of Australia’s young people.

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