Impact Of Music On Culture

Music has a fantastic ability to bring people together while also helping to greatly define a countries culture and the way that the people represent themselves. Many cities around the world take great pleasure in their homegrown bands taking themselves to the next level and getting global recognition as a means of putting their city back on the map. Countless British bands have come through and have become superstars which have greatly enhanced the number of tourists who are wanting to visit the city. Tourists can become far more likely to visit particular cities if their favoured musicians are from the area so they can see the sites of the various locations where they grew up.


Music Tourists

There are countless people who have flocked to various cities to see the locations where their favourite musicians grew up. There can be no doubt whatsoever that Liverpool has seen a significant rise in the number of musical tourists coming to their city as a result of the success of The Beatles. The Beatles were all raised in the city of Liverpool and several of their old houses have become regarded as national treasures by the government.


Cult Classics

Paul McCartney’s old home has been turned into an attraction which tourists are able to visit and see the rooms which cult classics such as Twist and Shout, Hey Jude and I Want To Hold Your Hand. In a carpool karaoke with James Corden, McCartney reminisces in great detail several stories regarding how he wrote each song in each different room of the house and the things which happened which ultimately led up to these songs becoming the classic songs they later became. Paul tells a fantastic story about when he wrote the song Twist and Shout and him and John Lennon then go into his living room and ask his dad to listen to the latest song they have written and to give them his opinion. They then played a slower version of the song and their father told them to speed it up a bit which resulted in the song which ultimately became a phenomenon.


Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil had a monumental influence on Australian culture, which was somewhat similar to the profound impact which The Beatles had on Britain. Midnight Oil took over the Australian music industry and they set the tone for the entire countries music scene. The countries people then became significantly different in the way they acted as a result of the new dynamic in the country because of the new music which they were able to hear.


Explore Themselves

Music is an excellent medium for people to express themselves and explore their personalities. The most critical aspect of a countries beliefs tends to be showcased to the world through the music which their homegrown musicians put out. There can be no question that countries such as Jamaica will always be regarded as a country which demonstrates the essence of Bob Marley’s music. The chilled and calming vibes generated from Marley’s music is the perfect example to set demonstrating the way the country is viewed by foreigners.