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Impact Of Music On Culture

Music has a fantastic ability to bring people together while also helping to greatly define a countries culture and the way that the people represent themselves. Many cities around the world take great pleasure in their homegrown bands taking themselves to the next level and getting global recognition as a means of putting their city …

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midnight oil

Midnight Oil Memories

Midnight Oil burst onto the music scene at a time when the music industry had become entirely over saturated by music which was no longer a sound of expression which allowed people to feel patriotic and express themselves to other cultures. People used to take great pride in their music tastes being entirely unique to …

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midnight oil

Midnight Oil Live

Word had spread throughout Australia like wildfire, about the new rock band by the name of Farm. This band were known to have an incredible set list and phenomenal atmospheres at their gigs. They were the talk of the country. Every family gathering, my cousin who was obsessed with rock music couldn’t speak highly enough …

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